Rolex and Time Midas


Time Midas, a Rolex Authorised Retailer in Bangkok, Thailand, first opened at the Bangkok Bazaar in the 1970s. Often pronounced as Tam Mai Rak (why do you love in Thai) among the locals, the retailer prides itself as a quintessential location for watch lovers. Also, the company’s name is inspired by ancient Greek mythology and the famous and honest King Midas who turned everything he touched into gold. As such, Time Midas represents abundance and honesty—qualities that guide the business ethos of the company even till today. That is why over the years, Time Midas’ professionalism and expertise has won the hearts of many customers over as it strengthens its presence in Thailand’s luxury watch retail.

Fresh Beginnings

In 1975, young businessman Chalerm Masathienvong established Time Midas at the Bangkok Bazaar on Rachadamri Road. Back then, the newly developed Bangkok Bazaar was hip and extremely popular for luxury shopping, making it the most ideal place to set up its first boutique. Time Midas stood out from the competition for several reasons. Retail stores were largely family-owned small businesses dealing with local produce in the Bangkok’s Yaowarach area, also known as Chinatown. But Time Midas broke convention by setting up the first Rolex boutique in Thailand, outside of Chinatown, and working with a big global brand—was quite a feat for a Thai watch company back in the Seventies.

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Steady Growth

Time Midas has always believed in the unrivalled reputation for quality and expertise that Rolex timepieces stood for and retailed the brand solely. It wanted to show its clientele a sense of dedication and for its team to immerse into the brand fully and become the purveyors of Rolex watches. The original boutique had a space of approximately 160sqm staffed by a manager, two sales associates and two watch technicians. Like any business, the beginning was not easy as the team worked hard to foster relationships with its customer base, and over time, won customers over with its high level of service and expertise. Business eventually flourished and laid the foundation for its current success.

Sea Change

With the shopping mall landscape in Bangkok transforming in the 1990s and its business growing from strength to strength, Time Midas planned for expansion and relocation. In 1997, Emporium Bangkok opened its doors in Sukhumvit and Time Midas took its opportunity to establish a new Rolex boutique there. The 80sqm boutique was an excellent addition to the 6-storeyed shopping mall that housed a plethora of renowned luxury designer brands. There, Time Midas expanded its customer base and connected with even more watch enthusiasts.

A New Era Begins

One of the largest shopping malls in Bangkok, Siam Paragon opened its doors in 2005. Centrally located, the 108sqm Rolex boutique sits alongside a whole host of international high-end brands, making it the third Rolex boutique established by Time Midas in Bangkok. The opening of this boutique signified a new chapter in the history of Time Midas but also represented the end of an era for the original Rachadamri boutique.

Into the Future

The establishment of the Siam Paragon boutique in 2005 was particularly significant for Time Midas. Not only does it mean that the storied retailer currently runs and operates two Rolex boutiques in two of the most prestigious shopping malls in downtown Bangkok, it also sees the relocation of its headquarters from its original store at Rachadamri to Siam Paragon. The heart of its operation is now even closer to the passionate watch-loving community. Currently helmed by the second generation of the founding family, Time Midas looks to maintain its gold standards of knowledge and customer service in order to consistently impress and engage with the cognoscenti.